Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey - Just a Quick Question (or 10)

Do you have a moment?

Can you do me a favor and please fill out this survey?

I want to make this blog a great resource for Team in Training participants to get and exchange ideas about raising money for their events, but it occurs to me that what I think might be important and helpful isn't necessarily what you think would be important and helpful.

I posted the survey via Twitter yesterday and got a couple of retweets on it, but not nearly enough responses. In fact, both (hello, all two of you!) of the responses I got yesterday only served to prove to me that there are plenty of great ideas for my blog out there that I haven't yet considered.

So please, take a few minutes (it shouldn't take more than 5) to fill out this survey if you can. And please pass it along to other TNT participants, or retweet it to your Twitter feed.


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